Conquer The Cold

by | Nov 29, 2022 | Self Care

There are many things to love about the cold weather season. Hot chocolate, sweatshirts, and snowflakes warm our hearts, but they do not keep our skin safe. Proper skincare is vital during winter months because our skin suffers from wind and a lack of humidity in the air.

Moisturising Face Wash

Swapping your facial cleanser can be a game changer for taking on dry skin during the winter. Pay attention to the ingredients in your face wash. If it strips your skin of natural oils it will not be helpful in cold weather. Your face wash should be gentle and hydrating so you don’t end up with dry peeling skin.


When it is cooler outside, you need to use a thicker moisturizer. Thin moisturizers will not lock moisture into your skin enough to protect it from the cold. Facial hydrating oils are also a great option for conquering winter weather. You can apply moisturizer multiple times each day but we recommend that you use it twice daily.

Diamond Glow Facial

The Diamond Glow wand removes the top layer of your skin and deposits SkinMedica serums onto the skin underneath. This is perfect if your skin is Because the pores will be open from the resurfacing, the serums are most effective.
Diamond Glow can give your skin a deep clean, make your skin feel firmer, and make your skin look more radiant.


When your skin gets dry it produces dead skin cells that will peel and flake off of your face. This is why it is essential to exfoliate in the winter. They clear away any dead skin cells that might be lingering on your face. If you use a gentle exfoliant you can use it more often. We recommend that you use a more gentle exfoliator in the winter and a harsher exfoliator in the summer.

Lip Balm and Oil

Have you ever gotten cracked lips from the cold weather? This is common among most people. It is important to protect your lips at all times of the year, but especially in the winter! Lip oils provide the necessary hydration that your lips lack in the cold season. Lip Balms provide both moisturizer and a barrier between your lips and the harsh cold weather.


In the winter months skin cells overturn more slowly than in hotter times of the year. Even if you follow all the tips and tricks for conquering the cold, you can end up with dry flakey skin. Facials are customizable to your skin type and concerns. They will help to revive your skin while also providing much-needed relaxation.

Winter Flakes Are Not Made of Snow

If you want to fight flakey dry skin during the winter you must take time for skincare. If you moisturize, exfoliate, change face washes, and get a facial you are sure to be set for snowball fights. Don’t let the cold ruin the hard work you put into your skincare!

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