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by | Nov 17, 2021 | Services

Have you been wanting hydrated skin but find you have very little time to go in for a facial? Here at Infinity Med-I-Spa we have you covered! Our newest addition is Diamond Glow and we are already in love with the results.

What is Diamond Glow?
The Diamond Glow is a facial made to take the average facial’s exfoliation and moisturization deeper into the skin. A professional uses a diamond-tipped wand to resurface and regenerate your skin. The luxurious wand removes the top layer of skin for a deep facial exfoliation. SkinMedica Serums are then deposited on the newly refreshed skin. The serums work best on your fresh, clean skin leaving your face feeling firmer and looking radiant.

How is Diamond Glow different from an ordinary facial?
Diamond Glow is similar to a facial in that you have exfoliation, extractions and hydration but what makes it better is getting all three of those in one. This all in one process makes the absorption higher and the time in the chair shorter. Diamond Glow is customized to you and your needs.

How long does the procedure last?
Diamond Glow is a noninvasive procedure that can last 30-45 minutes. You will come in for your session and leave in an a short amount of time feeling refreshed and glowing.

How often is Diamond Glow facial recommended?
This treatment is recommended to be done once or twice each month for the best and most radiant results. Every person is different so it can vary based on what your skin needs.

How much downtime is needed after a Diamond Glow facial?
After a Diamond Glow facial, there is little to no downtime. Diamond Glow is a noninvasive treatment and as soon as your treatment is complete you can head on to the next activity of your busy day.

Are there any side effects?
Although Diamond Glow is a noninvasive procedure with stunning results you could experience some minor side effects after your session. Redness can occur after the session but this side effect is minor and should not last longer than 24 hours.

How soon after my Diamond Glow treatment will I see results?
The results are immediate! You should see and feel results right after your session is completed and see better results in the days to follow your session.

Does Diamond Glow help with signs of aging?
Diamond Glow visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles and targets skin concerns. Diamond Glow can also help with dark spots, skin discoloration, dull and congested skin, rough skin, and dryness. Diamond Glow will leave your skin looking firmer and beaming.

How long does one session take?
The average session can take anywhere between 30-45 minutes. Every session is different and customized to your needs.

Can Diamond Glow be customized to me?
Yes! A professional will choose the perfect diamond tip with the right grit strength for your skin type. The diamond consistency chosen is used to target specific skin conditions. Each tip has a different level of intensity chosen perfectly for you and what areas you are looking to address during the Diamond Glow facial.

How much does Diamond Glow cost?
The price of Diamond Glow can vary depending on the location(s) you receive it. To get accurate pricing for this service call our office or set up a consultation with one of our doctors.

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