Five Ways to Maintain Glowing Skin While Traveling

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Skin Care

Holiday travels are coming up, and skin routines are almost impossible to maintain when you are away. Traveling is harsh on the skin. It is essential to take time and care for your skin. If you want to hear our tips and tricks for healthy travels, keep reading!

Stay Hydrated

Just as it is essential to keep your body hydrated, keeping your skin hydrated is relevant even when traveling. A new environment, different air quality, and diverse temperatures will quickly dry out a person’s skin. Drink as much water as possible, use a chapstick or ointment on your lips, and pack a travel-sized moisturizer.

Bring the Essentials

Skipping skincare to save space in a car or suitcase can sometimes happen when traveling. Even if you can’t bring your entire skincare collection, try to pack essentials. Moisturizers, cleansers, and SPF all fall into this category. You can most likely find travel-sized containers for your necessary products.

Avoid Hotel Skincare Products

Although tempting, hotel products are not usually something you need to put on your skin. If you are trying to avoid breakouts you should skip these products. Not only is it a change for your skin, but many of these products are poorly made and contain harmful ingredients. If you have sensitive skin, you must bypass these products.

Harmful Sun Exposure

Even in the winter weather, the sun can cause damage to your skin. As much as possible while on vacation, try to stay sun-safe. Use sunscreen if you are in the sun for any amount of time. If you can avoid being in the sun for extended periods, you should do so. Sun damage is one of the easiest ways to cause irreparable damage to your skin!

Keep Your Routine as Normal as Possible

We get it! You are on vacation, and you would love it to be a vacation from everything. You might even want to take a break from skincare. (Yikes!) Try to keep your skincare routine as normal as possible during travel. You will thank yourself for consistency when you avoid travel breakouts.

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