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by | Aug 30, 2022 | News, Services

Have you started to notice a difference in your eyes? Maybe they look tired, even after a good night’s rest? There may be more going on behind these hazel eyes than just a bit of tiredness. You may have something called acquired ptosis, short for acquired blepharoptosis. A common medical condition, acquired ptosis refers to low-lying eyelids and can affect your vision as well as facial symmetry. As proudly stated on their website, Upneeq is the only FDA-approved prescription eyedrop for acquired ptosis that lifts your upper eyelids to open your eyes.

What is Acquired Ptosis?

An eye condition characterized by a drooping of one or both of the upper eyelids, ptosis affects millions of people worldwide. The condition is caused by a weakening or malfunctioning of the levator muscle, which is responsible for lifting the eyelid. There are two main categories of ptosis: congenital ptosis, which is present at birth, and acquired ptosis, which is when the condition develops later in life. While Upneeq has proven to be beneficial in decreasing the effects of acquired ptosis, individuals suffering from congenital ptosis should confer with their doctor for a plan of action.
Out of the five different kinds of acquired ptosis, the most common type is aponeurotic ptosis, a condition in which the levator muscle of the eyelid becomes overstretched. Other types of acquired ptosis deal with issues in the nerve pathways, weakened levator muscles, excessive skin, or injury. Low-lying eyelid(s) can affect eyesight by not only blocking your vision but also by reducing the field of vision, which may interfere with day-to-day functions. Acquired ptosis can negatively influence actions as prevalent as reading, driving, using the computer, and looking up without the need to tilt your head back. While acquired ptosis is found in adults of all ages, it more commonly occurs with increased age.

What Can Upneeq Do for You?

While surgery was previously thought to be the only route for those living with acquired ptosis, Upneeq is a simple, surgery-free option that allows you to easily incorporate eyedrops into your daily routine. Upneeq has been proven to lift eyelid(s) quickly with most patients in clinical trials seeing a difference in as little as 2 hours. Other testimonials and reviews rave about the ease of use and the product’s ability to also brighten the eyes. A recent clinical trial published in 2021 evaluated 304 patients with acquired ptosis. After 15 minutes post-treatment on day 14 of the trial, results showed eyelids raised an average of 1.11 mm.
Upneeq is a prescription eyedrop and must be prescribed by a dermatologist, an aesthetic practice, a medical spa, or an eye care professional. For safety measures, it is important when starting any new prescription for your doctor to review your full medical history. Infinity Medispa is ready to assist you on your journey to eyes that are brighter, wider, and more open to the world around you. With six different locations and a highly trained staff, Infinity Medispa is dedicated to working with you to achieve your desired results.

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