What is Alle?

by | Aug 8, 2023 | News

Alle, formerly known as Brilliant Distinctions, is the premier loyalty program dedicated to rewarding you for using services and products you already know and love. The products in our portfolio include SkinMedica, Latisse, Diamond Glow, Botox, Juvaderm, Kybella, Coolsculpting, and more. If you are using any of these or considering using them, Alle is for you.

How Does It Work

The Alle program is super simple. You purchase the products and services that you love and you earn a certain number of points for each of these purchases. Every 100 points you earn translates to $10 in rewards you can use on any of the services or products in the program. You don’t have to use the rewards on the same product or service that you received them with. This means you have the freedom to choose whatever service or product you want. For instance, if you earn 200 points from your Coolsculping service you can redeem your rewards towards Latisse. These rewards are a great way to earn towards new services or products that you haven’t tried yet.

How Can I Track My Points

It’s easy to track points with Alle. There’s an app for that. Just go to the app store and download the Alle app to keep up with all of your points and rewards. The app is free to download and is the best way to monitor your Alle account.

Membership Tiers

Three tiers of membership offer progressively higher rates of rewards. Earning 0-599 points places you in the Silver tier. At this level, you earn $10 for every 100 points accrued. 600-1199 points is the Gold tier. At this level, you earn your basic points along with 50 bonus points for every qualifying service. You’ll also receive a digital gift. The highest level is the Diamond level at 1200+ points. You get your basic points plus 100 bonus points for each qualifying service. You’ll also get digital gifts. At the Diamond level, your points never expire.

What If My Points Are About To Expire

At the Diamond level, your points never expire but at the other levels, there is an expiration on your points. What do you do if you want to use your rewards towards Botox for instance but it’s not time for your next treatment? Don’t worry. We can help. We never want our clients to lose their points. If you’d like to use your rewards towards a future service, simply call our office and use your points to purchase your service and we will hold that service for you until you are ready to redeem it. It’s that easy.

Become a Member

Now that you know the benefits of the Alle program, all that’s left is to sign up. There’s no reason to not earn rewards for the products and services you are already using. If you have any questions about the Alle program we would love to talk with you. We want to equip you with this amazing resource so you can get more out of your Med-I-Spa experience.

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