What to Expect at Your BodySculpt Appointment

by | May 5, 2022 | Services

Before explaining what you should expect at your BodySculpt appointment, you might want to know what BodySculp is. BodySculp uses a laser to heat fat cells while leaving surrounding cells untouched. Laser energy from the BodySculpt machine punctures hypodermis, killing fat cells. The fat cells are then removed from the body through the lymphatic system. BodySculpt is an extremely safe and effective alternative to plastic surgery options like liposuction.

How Should You Prepare for a BodySculpt Appointment?

Before arriving for a BodySculpt appointment a person should know if they are a right fit for the procedure. The ideal candidate for BodySculp is someone who is already in decent shape. If you are an active person who struggles with specific problem areas, BodySculp is a great option for you. Before your treatment you should drink water, refrain from eating for two hours, avoid caffeine and alcohol for 24 hours, and remove all hair in the areas being treated.

What to Expect During Your BodySculpt Appointment

BodySculpt is a fairly quick treatment; it is set to work on a 25 minute treatment cycle. During the cycle a laser is used to heat fat cells, but skin cells are left unharmed. 90% of clients who have received SculpSure said that they found the procedure to be comfortable. Nearly all patients report no pain during the procedure.

What Can You Expect After Your BodySculpt Appointment?

After your BodySculpt appointment, you should not plan for recovery time. BodySculpt is completely non-invasive and after the procedure clients can return to their everyday life. You may want to know how long it will take to see results after the procedure. Normally, clients can start to notice changes after six weeks. Full results from BodySculpt are complete three months after a client’s most recent procedure was done.

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