What to Expect at Your Botox Appointment

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Services

If you’ve ever been interested in Botox but wanted more information about what actually happens at your Infinity Med-I-Spa office visit, we are here to answer those questions for you. Once you schedule your appointment with one of our doctors this is what you can expect at your actual visit.

Making the Appointment

The first step is to call Infinity Med-I-Spa and get on the books. You can choose the location most convenient for you and give them a call to make an appointment. Once that’s done your next step is to just show up for your appointment.

When You Arrive

Once you arrive for your appointment you will sign in and be given some paperwork to fill out. Once you’ve completed your paperwork you will turn it in and wait to be called back for your consultation.

You’ll be taken into a room where you will meet with the doctor. Only actual medical doctors administer Botox injections at Infinity Med-I-Spa. You will have a consultation with the doctor where you will tell the doctor any areas of concern you have. You can tell the doctor what you hope to achieve through Botox and he or she will develop a customized treatment plan for you.

Treatment Options

Botox can treat several different areas of the face. Generally, if your concerns are in the upper ⅔ of your face then Botox is the best treatment option. However, if you are wanting a treatment on the lower ⅓ of your face something else, like a dermal filler, is usually suggested. The doctor will also at this point let you know how much Botox or dermal filler will be needed to achieve the desired results.

Once the patient is given the options they are encouraged to ask any questions that they have. You will never be pressured or rushed into a decision at Infinity Med-I-Spa. However, if you decide to get Botox that day then the treatment will proceed.

Treatment Process

If you decide to go forward with your Botox treatment, first your skin is cleaned off to make sure everything is as sanitary as possible. Some doctors will then mark the skin while others do not. It’s a matter of preference for the doctor. Then you will be injected with Botox. The injection needles are really tiny so any discomfort is minimal and the procedure is done pretty quickly.


Once you leave the office you are free to do any of your normal activities. That’s a great thing about Botox. There is no downtime. Have work the next day? No problem. You may have redness at the injection site that lasts for a few minutes but after that, you won’t even be able to tell where you had the injections.

Enjoy the Results

That’s it. All that’s left to do afterward is enjoy your results. Botox doesn’t last forever so you will have to come in periodically for maintenance. Fortunately, it’s such an easy and convenient process that won’t take too much of your time and can give you amazing results.

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