US Botox VS Overseas Botox

by | Mar 24, 2022 | Products

When looking into botox options, you should always research where the botox you are receiving comes from because they are not all the same. Clients can receive Botox that comes from overseas and botox that comes from The United States. It may seem like it couldn’t make a huge difference but in reality, it does. Infinity medispa makes the important investment to supply its Botox from The United States.

FDA Approval

The FDA is responsible for labeling ingredients in a product, determining if it is safe and who it is safe for, and telling people what risks and side effects a product could have. Botox Made in The United States is FDA approved while Botox does not have FDA approval. All of this information is vital in deciding to have botox injections. Botox that is ordered from overseas is not guaranteed to be safe by the FDA.


While a patient can research and know exactly what is in their Botox from The United States, they will never truly know what is in foreign Botox products. The FDA regulates US Botox, but they have no say over what ingredients can go into Botox that is shipped overseas. Because of this, unsafe chemicals can be in foreign botox without a client knowing. When buying foreign Botox it can be off-brand, have harmful ingredients, and have unfortunate chemical reactions.

Remember: Botox is a Medical Procedure

Because Botox is a medical procedure, it should be treated no differently than any other medical supply. Most people would not consider taking medications that are not FDA approved and could be made of any ingredient. It is frightening to think of what a medication like this could do to your body. Botox is no different. When receiving Botox, you are having the chemicals it is made of injected into your skin. Would you want to put chemicals that are not proven to be safe into your body?

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