What to Expect at Your BodyTone Appointment

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Services

Are you considering undergoing a BodyTone procedure, but you don’t know what to expect? The procedure may seem frightening at first so you want to know how to best prepare, what will happen during the procedure, and what you can expect afterward. You have come to the right place to learn everything you can expect when going into your BodyTone appointment.

How Can You Prepare for Your Appointment?

Before arriving for your appointment, you should make sure your skin is as clean as possible. If you have any hair in the area being treated it will need to be shaved, so it is helpful to do that before your appointment. You will also need to make sure you remove any jewelry before your appointment begins. It is important that you know BodyTone is not safe for patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding before you arrive for your appointment.

What Happens During a BodyTone Appointment?

The goal of a BodyTone appointment is to strengthen muscles in a client’s body. This is done with a system with four panels that sends a series of electric waveform patterns through an area. During the procedure, four different areas of the body are treated at one time. The treatment involves four phases: warm-up, muscle toning, and workout. BodyTone is painless, but it is an intense procedure. Although it does not hurt, it does stimulate muscles as exercise does.

What Should You Expect After Your Appointment?

Normally progress can be seen six to eight weeks after a person’s most recent BodyTone appointment. Clients will develop strong and toned muscles in the areas they have been treated. Although there is no recovery time necessary after a BodyTone appointment, some clients experience minimal muscle soreness. After 72 hours, muscle soreness should be eliminated and clients can return to their everyday life.

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